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  1. Dienstag - 03.10.2017 19:48 Uhr

    I have purchased a few photos and i am still waiting for them to be downloaded. I bought them in April 2017

    the photo numbers are 2506966 & 2505660

    thank you
  2. Mittwoch - 19.04.2017 23:03 Uhr
    hi I bought this picture Picture No.: 2510115 but I cant download it. can you sort it out please
  3. Montag - 24.08.2015 23:08 Uhr
    @Pangrazzi/ Thomas: All Pictures i have taken are online - i doubled checked it, i think i missed you, i am very sorry for that!!! My e-Mail is bofos@gmx.de

  4. Montag - 24.08.2015 22:22 Uhr
    Dear Bofos,

    With a friend of mine, we were on the Nordschleife this last sunday (23th of the august 2015) with my car (black C63AMG Station Wagon or T-modell for you) and i would like to know if you have photos of our laps because i really like your photos, especially your bogey.
    To help you find out if you have photos of ours, we did our laps early in the morning.

    My friend began his lap at about 8h45 am, me at 9h27 am. The police plate is CD-152-XG from france.

    Big thanks to answer me.

    Kind regards, Thomas.

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